Let Etiquette Make (Not Break) Your Chances at a Job

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Etiquette, as Emily Post once declared, is the science of living. It may seem stuffy and outdated to some, but having established social protocols can be helpful in unfamiliar situations. A job search, for example, is a time where it can be a blessing to have guidelines to follow to make sure that you don’t… Read more »

Hiring Decisions – When Is the Right Time to Hire

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Right Time to Hire

Let’s face it, in many businesses payroll is one the largest (if not the largest) line item on your monthly budgets. So, it can sometimes be a very difficult decision to add on more staff. BUT, in some cases adding staff strategically can help drive a lot of profit to your bottom line. So when… Read more »

Don’t Get Stumped by Tough Interview Questions

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tough interview questions

You’re in the middle of an interview for an amazing new job opportunity in South Central Ohio. Everything is going great. You look polished; you sound confident; you’re nailing every question. Then the interviewer asks you: “If you were a car, what kind of car would you be?” Your heart starts racing. Your mind goes… Read more »